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Drawers MCC Panels

In the motor control center (MCC), drawer system technology, especially in industries requiring removal of defects without stopping proces (eagle.: water treatment plants in the chemical industry or) It offers many advantages.

  • Drawer pluggable modules. Classic chest of drawers in connection cabling systems used in the system. Is both visually and in terms of practical user-friendly.
  • Switching system that has high security. Any short-circuit 630a can be made up with even in case of switching control contacts.
  • pulling without the need to shut down the system in case of malfunctioning of the module can be changed or added quickly.
  • power transmission in the ignition module, Made contact with giydirmesiz.
  • fully withdrawable modules in plugged in, "Running" "test" and "open circuit" can be locked in position.
  • It is protected against misuse with safety locking mechanism.
  • Standard configurations; 3 or 4 pole;125A, 315A, 630Offering a choice of drawer modules are available.
  • According to Kampakt module, It can provide a more economical and effective solution.